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Available Services



$75Per Hour

This session is best used for a general reading that helps you to map out the People, Places and Things that affect your current life path. This is a great General Overview of all the different types of Energies that are interacting with yours daily.


Aura Photography

                  Coming Soon!


Psychic Channeling $150Per Hour

This session is used to get Clarity and Guidance on specific situations, to get in touch with Loved Ones that have crossed over, or even to receive a message from your Spirit Guides.

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Wellness Consulting




                    Coming Soon!

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Spiritual Guidance

$100Per Hour

This session is used for discussing Specific Circumstances or Situations of your life in full detail, You will receive Guidance and Problem Solving Solutions through Meditations and Guided Exercises to help facilitate Healing, Growth and Resolution.

Meet Your Advisor


19 January, 2024 ~ Purple Ocean Review

“Irene’s readings are simply a gift! Even when the issue is a little strange her guidance is straightforward, understandable, and it always has fully resonated. If you come upon her profile and read this…I am not exaggerating do yourself a favor and connect with her. Love and light to all!"


25 July, 2023 ~ Purple Ocean Review

"You are so beautiful and your vibe is fantastic. Thank your for your message. 🌞 You said, “Keep the faith.” No coincidence because this is a phrase I associate with a colleague I want to collaborate with on this. I was thinking of approaching him and when you said this I knew, Yes! Your warmth, insight and guidance are so appreciated. Bless you. 🌷🙏🏾"


3 July, 2022 ~ Purple Ocean Review

“She was happy to do the reading and you can tell she likes what she does. She was able to provide insight into my situation on things that were surrounded by a lot of confusion. I came to her because I really needed help and guidance and she delivered.”

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